The Holidays with the Ismail’s

I don’t think holiday traditions ever crossed our minds before having children. If you are new here I grew up Catholic and babe grew up Muslim. Traditionally I grew up attending midnight mass then opening all gifts at midnight. While my better half had a tree up and gift exchange when he was very little but it wasn’t to celebrate the coming of Jesus. It was more of a celebration of family and giving.

When Kai was around two we only decorated the fire place no tree no Santa just very simple gift exchange. By the time Mahir came I got Moyo to agree to us having a full tree and simply calling Christmas “Winter celebration”. It was a compromise which I’m very grateful we came to such a common ground.


Each year we take a vote on what theme to cook so far we have had a Seafood Christmas, Mexican Christmas and of course full Nigerian. This year I’m casting my vote for Soul Food because I didn’t get sweet potato pie for thanksgiving. I’m sure I will be out voted. We choose one gift on Christmas Eve to open then save the rest for Christmas Day. On Christmas Day we wear matching pjs and relax just to take in the children’s joy and excitement being present in the moment is so important.

After the year 2020 has dealt we have much to celebrate and appreciate so I didn’t want to focus on dollar amounts being spent this year. Our holiday will be spent safe amongst one another making memories of making s’mores and watching holiday movies. This isn’t to say the boys won’t get the gifts on their list. I want their best holiday memories to be baking with mommy or building something with daddy. Most of my best holiday memories aren’t center around a item I received but about the feelings I felt being around family.

How will you and your family spend the holidays?

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