We said I DO!

Meet the Ismails

The cake has been cut the bouquet has been tossed. The vows have been read ya girl is married now. Getting married while the world was limbo was a story for the books. We pushed through a date change vendors canceling but now that it’s over I can give all the tea.

The wedding turned out to be perfect but it wasn’t a straight path getting there. I made it clear to my husband that I didn’t want to break the bank, this meant us paying for the wedding up front no loans,no credit cards,no GO fund me just cash. To be sure we were getting our bang for our buck we wrote out the items that were important to least important. I took a gamble and bought my ceremony dress online for less than $300. It came across my timeline on Facebook and I decided I had nothing to lose but I also had a back up dress as well. The dress came in I did need some alterations but overall I loved my dress. We saved on liquor by getting all wine at Trader Joes and the hard liquor from my bestfriends mom who owns a liquor store. We scored a deal on our cake by using our trusted baker who literally makes all our cakes. The ultimate save was our venue very affordable and came with a lot included in our package but I knew I would have to add additional decor. To keep order of things I created wedding budget using excel this way we could track what’s outstanding and due dates.

The splurges came in with food costing almost the same as the venue but lets be honest the worst thing to run out of at a Nigerian wedding is food. Entertainment was another splurge we had a 360 photo booth, an amazing dj, a live Sharama chef. What people didnt know was that we hired a saxophonist but on the week of our wedding he had to cancel. No lie at first I was stressed but on the day of I had bigger worries. We hired a decor team who over promised and didn’t deliver. I was the super detail bride who gave images of each element of wedding decor that I wanted and when I showed up to see greenery that I didn’t request and table linen that I didn’t approve but ultimately none of that matter.


Morning of wedding I’m rushing through walmart to find burners for food and couldnt find them. Next I show up at 8:27am for my 8:30 am makeup session and the artist cancels on my wedding day. I felt like I was in a bad dream but rushed back to the airbnb where my bridesmaids where getting dressed and had my original makeup artist squeezed me in between doing the bridesmaids makeup. She had total of 12 faces and limited time so I was a little late to the wedding. On the flip a wedding couldn’t start without the bride. So now I’m finally smiling enjoying the day then bam. The party bus canceled the driver called saying his bus had overheated. At that point I felt defeated I had 10 bridesmaids 3 kids, my mom and brother all expecting a party bus. In that moment I can assume my cousin Tola felt how overwhelmed I was and she organized everyone called two Uber XL and off we went.


Ultimately our wedding was amazing the blending of both of our families and cultures. None of our guest noticed the hiccups in the planning or the schedule. I have no regrets of having a wedding after the pressure of everyone saying having a wedding and buying a house is impossible that we should choose between the two. We were able to do both by setting and sticking with goals living within our means. Today marks 1 month of complete bliss, so what’s next for the Ismail’s? Settling into our new home, building our family legacy and ultimately staying invested in our marriage growing together as the years and seasons pass us.

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