This is it!!!

Wedding planning during a pandemic is not in any way how I envisioned planning our big day. Going through this and having no control has been a blessing in disguise. I’m a perfectionist, so this was first time in life that I have had to just go with the flow.


Moving the big day from May was stress. I had so many emotions simply because I’m ready to get this over with so I can go back to saving money. Majority of our vendors have easily adjusted to the change of plans although we did have to pay some additional fees due to changing date. The change was well worth the safety and health of our guest. I wanted to have peace of mind knowing that people wouldn’t be risking it all just for our big day.

Why still have a weddding?

Alot of people have asked the question of why still have a wedding. Just go to the court house and call it a day. Although those options work for some it wasn’t for us. Our marriage will be based on compromise the wedding was one of those compromises. Moyo is proud Yoruba man and wanted his full wedding experience. I could never live with knowing he gave up having his dream wedding just because I was tried of pushing out the date and spending the money. So if the hubby want a wedding we gone have a wedding.

Drum Roll for the new date…….

AUGUST 7,2021 AND THIS IS IT. Our minds have been made up that everything may not flow like the original plan but no matter what that’s the day. We have a back up plan for our family and bridal party. We have rearranged guest list and seating. All we can do is hope for best and put it in Gods hands. The biggest lesson is a wedding is one EXPENSIVE DAY vs a marriage being forever and that’s what should matter. Check out our YouTube next Wednesday where I will give full details on this journey, in the mean time drop your questions below.

Until next time,

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