The Final Countdown

Wedding Wednesday’s

I take back everything I said about being a Bridezilla. Although I’m not at my breaking point, the day to day of planning has definitely began to consume my life. At first it was all a breeze and every detail came together so easily from my dress to dealing with our venue during Covid-19.

But now baby we are in the final countdown with four months to go and my checklist just keeps growing and growing. The best thing I did for myself was only talk to my fiancé or plan wedding related things on Wednesday’s. This gives me the rest of my week to just step away and be Tearua. So on Wednesday’s I’m the bride meaning I’m finalizing dj’s, placing orders for custom details or drawing together what things should look like.

I’m proud to say that financially we have stuck to a budget. Sometimes we may go over in one area and cut back in another. We where serious and committed to having a debt free wedding by any means. As soon as this wedding is over I plan to finally treat myself to something nice.

Next week I plan to try my hand at YouTube and answer all questions wedding, so if you have a questions drop below! Good luck to all my 2021 brides.

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