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We did it. For the first time in the history of ever I held a big secret. I didn’t want to jinx or speak to soon. 18 months ago we began to plan and discuss or journey of finding our first home. We agreed to purchase after the wedding but when the original wedding date collapsed we knew we couldn’t wait we had to begin our search. This would mean we would purchase a home and have a wedding in same year. To say my anxiety wasn’t on 10 would be a lie.

I grew up in the Midwest so I’m a sucker for older homes that have character. I like brick I also love fixer uppers. So when my fiancé suggested us building a home I wasn’t enthused. Modern homes look like ginger bread houses to me, at least the ones in Texas.

Growing up I watched HGTV like it was my business. I pinned every dream home to my Pinterest board. What the shows don’t show is how the behind the scenes work. Debt to income ratio, HOA fees, what dollar amount you should save to even become a home owner. Luckily for us our brother in law was our real estate agent. The perk to using family was knowing we wouldn’t get swindled into a sale. He was patient with us and understood that what I wanted in home was different for my fiancé.

As we began everything we viewed online or in person I shot down. We view a home in our dream community was a solid NO for me. Moyo would ask why and my answer was simple I grew up living in one house my entire life my family currently still lives in same house and I’m almost 30. We discussed that laying down roots has changed over the years and our generation isn’t settling down buying one home living there 50+ years. Most of our generation are buying starter homes and eventually turning them into investment properties. So I wrote a list of my absolute must haves big yard, 4 bedrooms, master on first floor and most importantly a good school district.


The area we originally wanted to move to housing market sky rocketed over night. There where homes I seen listed at 280k in October now priced at 350k. Our realtor asked where we at least open to seeing new homes in a newer subdivision about 15 mins away from a showing in Katy. I agreed to view but in my head I already made up my mind against ginger bread houses. As we approached the subdivision we saw a beautiful fountain a playground. We walked the model home and upon entry I had to eat my words . The floor plan was open , it checked all my boxes even my maybe boxes. Master on first floor, island kitchens and large windows. We enter the office to discuss floor plan options, cost of building and agent said “I have one home nearly completed if y’all want to see it, currently for sale within your budget”. My fiancé leaped for joy while I still wasn’t yet sold. We approached the home and I saw a community with homes with white exterior instead of the ginger brown I was use to my heart danced.

We turned the key and toured the home. I loved everything the subway tile, grey cabinets the flooring was the perfect blend. Then we entered the backyard my heart stopped and I knew we where home. In that moment I envisioned me cooking in kitchen while the boys run all over fresh cut grass during sun set.

My fiancé looked at me with a smirk. I knew he wanted to say I told you so but he held back. I can’t thank our families and friends enough for being apart of our journey. I want to encourage everyone to just do it go for it no matter what others say. Our house is proof you don’t have to choose between wedding and house you just have to remain focus on your goal and create a plan to get you there.

What reservations do you have about the home buying process? Is credit the issue? Location? Or finding a realtor? Let me know I want to help!

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