Originally from St.Louis Missouri, but I have called Houston home for the last ten years. Blogging was a hobby I picked up a few years ago that eventually turned into a passion. I wanted a space that reflected the modern day mommy with authentic content. Although I love the neat blogs that are aesthetically pleaseing they sometimes seem to lack raw everyday momy content. Lets be honest here life isnt all roses, but the good out weighs the bad. When I first began it was hard finding other young minority mommy bloggers or even articles that I could relate to. I left the blogging world but now I’m back with new content new stories.

True believer in having it all while maintaining balance. I must admit I’m the crafty mom blogger who goes down rabit holes reading on Pinterest but I will also drink wine and throw in the towl. If I have learned anything over the years its that there is no such thing as a perfect parent or perfect woman so follow my journey as I tackle motherhood, corporate America, launching business ventures and the newest title of Fiance. Did I forget that I’m also planning a wedding in between juggling soccer practice and swim lesson. So here goes nothing!

The Final Countdown

Wedding Wednesday’s I take back everything I said about being a Bridezilla. Although I’m not at my breaking point, the day to day of planning has definitely began to consume my life. At first it was all a breeze and every detail came together so easily from my dress to dealing with our venue during … Continue reading “The Final Countdown”

How to get the RING!

Let me first say being a mans wife, fiancé or girlfriend should never define you or be ultimate goal. If you are under 25 stop reading NOW and come back to this post in a few more years. Growing up lots of girls have this vision of being a wife and starting family. Well I … Continue reading “How to get the RING!”

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