Being a mother is the most rewarding job I have ever had, I would call myself a mix between being a modern Claire Huxtable and a little of Cookie Lion. Originally from St.Louis but have resided in Houston the past ten years. As a woman I have felt backed into corner of making decision of having family or career. So this blog is to outline my journey of having it all while maintaining balance. From conference calls to having dinner ready by 5, I will be sharing it all.

Two is better than one!

Our favorite brother duo. With a three year age gap and completely different personalities these two are best friends. They cant get enough of one another and I’m so blessed to be pouring all of my love, knowledge and guidance into them. Mahkai is 5 full of energy acts the most like me always on the go. While Mahir is more like my husband reserved, calm and observant. Its never a dull moment in our house.

Marriage Motherhood Faith & Career

You’ve Got Ismail

We are complete opposites that work together in the most unique way. From him being a Nigerian (Yoruba) man and me a city girl from the Midwest with slight country grammar. We tackle business and parenting together. While both having our own identities. I love me some him.


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