Let’s talk about friends 🐸☕️👀🌾

I have always been a social butterfly. Somewhere I heard you learn who your real friends are when you have a baby, get married or get a divorce. I learned the hard way that this statement  would be true. Some of my friends who surrounded me at the time I got pregnant where very consumed inContinue reading “Let’s talk about friends 🐸☕️👀🌾”

Packing or taking trips here are my helpful tips

Call me organized or call me picky. When I travel or if my little one stays nights away I pack in a special way. 1. First I start by organizing bags and labeling  them by each day he will be away. 2. I include additional bags labeled for PJ’s as well as Bathroom Goodies. 3.Continue reading “Packing or taking trips here are my helpful tips”

Keep them Busy

Traveling with an infant/toddler can be stressful. Here are few tips that can help you and your little one get through a trip whether it’s a long-haul flight or just a simple car ride. Feed your infant/toddler before you leave. It can help them to feel full and sleep during travel. Pack a snack. I mean, really, who’s not distracted when foodContinue reading “Keep them Busy”

The Young, not so young mom

The shock had already set in. Here I was, senior year of college and pregnant. Sitting in the doctor’s office, impatiently waiting while watching the clock pass. My name hadn’t been called, so I approached the front desk,”Excuse me, I have been here for two hours and my name hasn’t been called.” She replied, “Sorry,Continue reading “The Young, not so young mom”