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Review of Dreams Vista-Cancun

Raise your hand if you want to take a kid free vacation but somehow some way mom guilt gets the best of you. The thought of me being away from my babies longer than 8hrs gives me anxiety. As strange as it may sound I don’t mind traveling with my little ones rather it’s domestic or international. Its just something about boarding the plan first with traveling with little ones that I enjoy. Enough about them back to how I went on a epic kid free vacation to Dreams Vista in Cancun was.

I started to notice everyone was traveling to Mexico in August and my birthday was coming so I called United to cash in on our flight credits we had been sitting on since April. Lucky for us Cancun is only 2hr flight from our home so I felt comfortable leaving boys behind. When COVID hit all my summer travel plans were cancelled that meant no Nigeria or Paris. I had accepted that the closes I was getting to a beach was Galveston.

Everyone who knows me knows I love planning. Once the flight was booked I moved on to finding a hotel/resort. I chose Dreams Vista Cancun for many reasons. The last trip to Cancun I stayed at a all inclusive Breathless which was amazing but definitely was party vibes. This vacation was to bring in my 28th I wanted calm chill vibes so selecting Dreams Vista was perfect. Very affordable and newly open in summer 2020. Not going to lie I didnt believe the price so I watched a few Youtube reviews before finally booking. I wanted to do a resort that way our food and alcohol was included. Yes you pay more upfront but then you save in long run. Just think I didnt pay for a single meal or drink while in Mexico outside of our resort all inclusive package. Next I set up a shuttle to take us from airport to resort which cost $25 US dollars for two, which in my opinion was a steal seeing that the resort is a little over 20 mins away from airport.

The overall experience was a 10/10. From the time we arrived the staff doted on us serving champagne and frozen margaritas upon our arrival. The cleanliness was very important to me and let me tell you they exceeded my expectations even lining up and organizing our shoes. The food at the restaurants was wonderful although small portions you can always order more as well as room service is included in the all inclusive package. Room service was a 7/10 which I wasn’t surprised about because I didn’t think it would be spectacular seeing as the room service menu was American cuisine. If I wanted good hot wings I could have stayed in Houston.

My favorite part of our stay was the spa. We spent 45 mins in the spa enjoying the amenities until it was time for pedicures and massages. We then headed to go parasailing and the wait for the boat to take us was the only negative I could bring up about the trip. There was a break down in communication and we waited over an hour for our boat to transport us to the activity. We didn’t get upset though instead we sat at the bar and drank which was best, seeing as though my fiancé is terrified of water. The jack and cokes for sure calmed his nerves. When we returned to the resort we got to spend time at the pool with an amazing Chicago couple we had met the night before at the resorts disco bar. There was nothing to compare the beautiful views of scenery to the location sits at the perfect angle. I just couldn’t stop thinking its 2pm on a Friday and I’m not glued to my work desk and no one is yelling mommy.

For outside activities we decided to hit up Coco Bongo although is was $80 at the door that price included drinks. The experince of CoCo Bongo will be a forever memory it was a cross between cirque du soile and Miami south beach. On the last full day of trip we headed to Tulum to tap into our adventure side. We got to explore cenotes, ATVing and zip lining which was a bundle price of 60 per person. The only negative is the cenotes place didn’t allow phones which we assumed was due to the risk of damaging but it was so they could take photos on their camera and then request $80 for three photos. No thank you, but the chance to explore the jungle for four hour uninterrupted with no modern distractions was peaceful. The resort had taxi’s available so any activity that the resort didn’t provide were easy to get transportation to and from.

We needed the quick get away trip away from work and the boys. It was if we got to reset our relationship and just enjoy the simple comfort of one another. I assume that’s how it will be once we are old grey and empty nesters. The thing about marriage and children is you have to enjoy one another enough that once the children are not in the mix that things still flow. As a mom of two I know how easy it is to get caught in routines but life is to be lived. The best advice I can give when planning travel is have a game plan set out certain days for different activities or you will take the risk of scrambling to find plans while on vacation and wasting time. This trip was one for the books. I am now planning a family trip to Dreams Vista Cancun for Fall 2021. Do you plan to travel soon or sitting tight? Where will you travel to when the world reopens? Comment below, like and share.

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