Turning 28 I think?

Well well well here we are September 21. Funny story I was talking to my grandma a few weeks ago and she mentioned that my birthday was approaching and asked how old was I turning. I don’t know if I was having memory loss or what but I couldn’t remember I just knew I wasn’t turning 30 yet. As I reflect back on year 27 I see so much change and growth. A lot has happened since my last birthday I got engaged, I recently celebrated one year at my current firm, and did I mention that babe gifted me a BMW 528 for my birthday. Manifesting and planning this year has changed me and my outlook on life completely.

I’ll admit last year on my birthday I was a little down I felt unaccomplished and loss. I just kept comparing my life to my original life plans. I always dreamed of being an attorney living in a high rise who vacations in Paris twice a year. I kept thinking I am not where I want to be in so many areas. Something I learned was its never to late to change or tweak your current state. Instead of for wishing for things you have to goal set and plan. I wrote everything I wanted down and just scratch things off my list and move on to the next goal. God makes no mistakes though the life I have been blessed with has exceeded my wildest dreams. I have two beautiful children who have made me a better human and humbled me. I am now preparing to walk into a new journey of marriage with my college sweet heart. I have multiple businesses which provide secondary income as well as gives me room to grow in areas of passion. I have built better bonds with family and friends within this last year as well.

What I’m ready for in year 28?

I am most excited for my wedding and our new home. I’m also excited to get back into fashion and finding myself as Tearua and not just mommy.

How did we celebrate?

We choose to take a quick weekend in Cancun, Mexico just the two of us no kids. I will write all about our travel in my next blog post.

So here we go

I’m hoping that these last two years of my twenties are filled with knowing that life has no limits and its better to try and fail than not to try at all.

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