Virtual School 101

You would think being raised by a educator I would feel comfortable and prepared to go on this journey of virtual school with Mahkai  (kindergartner). WRONG,  I literally had to first get over Mahkai missing the experience of going to that first day of big kid school. Then I had to navigate a plan to best help my little one feel encouraged to participate and learn from home.

I first started with what I am good at “decor”. I rearranged his room to give space for learning. I wanted everything he needed to be available and accessible to his eye level. Ikea was the perfect stop to get a desk, stool and rug. Then I headed to Michael’s to buy a cart to organize supplies and his learning materials such as books and folders. My last stop was Target where I went a little teacher crazy but still in budget. The frugal section had the perfect calender’s, charts and bins for organizing. Surprisingly we had a dry erase board in our garage and some old boarders in my craft bin. I put everything all together and just prepared for what school would be.

I wanted to be optimistic regarding the school year and virtual learning. I will admit as a parent to a Kindergartner you do have to be hands on and keep them on task. Hats off to our school district we are currently in they had parents safely pick up books and Chrome books the week before school started. So our experience so far has been much better than expected. Mahkai’s teacher is amazing she really goes the extra mile to keep her class engaged. We where provided access to online learning as well as daily class schedule where Ms. Phan takes attendance at 7:40 am like normal via zoom. Every day they have block via zoom art, music and even gym.

Although this is not the ideal or traditional school I am thankful to have a job that I can work from home and keep my little one safe. I stay positive by knowing that this wont be a forever solution and if that doesn’t work I grab wine. I want to know how are you guys adjusting?


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