If you are pregnant, looking to be pregnant or a first time mom then this post is for you. Get ready for all the unsolicited advice you never asked for not limited to just your family either.

I remember the first of many times, I was grocery shopping maybe around 7 or 8 months and a older woman asked “hey, how far along are you” I gave a simple answer to hear the reply “oh my your tiny”. She then proceeds to give me nutritional advice and tell me she’s been a mother for so many years and she has these perfect little ones of her own who are now thriving adults. I being the scared timid pregnant 20 something I was just let this woman talk for what seemed like forever.

I was naive thinking that would be the last of the parenting advice I’d get. WRONG! For each stage and phase there’s new advice. Newborn-6 months you will get the breastfeed or formula debate. Toddler phase you’ll hear all the advice about potty training and which snacks are best. Every mom will give their perfect Patty outline of motherhood. Well I’ll give it to you straight my kids have tried Macdonalds, they have missed bed times and lastly everything isn’t gmo and dye free. Some moms are probably clutching their diaper bags right now.

If I forgot to mention let me tell you now every mom is a chef, a doctor and certified life coach. It’s like one baby down and we all become experts. The thing about motherhood is unscripted and unfiltered. We all think we have it the secret formula of getting it right.

In Conclusion

Most moms who give the random unsolicited advice have good intentions and mean no harm. You can rather listen brush it off or you may just learn something. I remember the first year of parenting I’d take whatever adult conversation I could get seeing that most of my time was spent juggling my final year of college while pumping around the clock. I think we all can agree that that there’s no wrong and right. Its all trial and error but there is light at the end of the tunnel. My only advice to pass along is for when your time comes as the mom with the advice don’t drop to many gems at once.

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