Quick Breakfast

If your weekdays are anything like mine then you know that being organized helps with having a smooth morning routine. Some days all just run together, and getting two little ones and myself together can be drag. Every morning my grandma would have breakfast waiting for me and now looking back I view her as super woman. Keep reading below for my helpful tips.

1. Make all morning breakfast prep time between 5-10 mins, this gives me enough time to start my coffee have a sip and make boys plates; in the morning each minute counts

2. Fruit- I prep the fruit ahead of time so I literally just slap it on there plates in the AM; having things already peeled or cut saves time and hassle.

3. One item already being made this could mean muffins, yogurt,egg muffins or danish; I usually bake muffins Sundays which Kai helps and it’s a learning activity for him being able to measure and count.

4. It’s okay to give them cereal; I use to have mom guilt over them having cereal when kids actually love cereal.

5. Let them eat in peace- I typically sit boys at table while they jam to playlist on the google home; I then pack and check our bags and finish up my last min pull myself together

Lastly don’t stress as long as they eat is what matters. Don’t try to be the perfect pancake mom every day save the large spreads for the weekend. Please like, share and follow for more Tip Tuesday!



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