Mommy Maintenance

Before having Kai I was that girl who would never leave the house in sweats. Hair would be done, closet stocked with garments ohhhhh how have things changed. I will run out the house in yoga pants and a messy bun in a min. The one thing I couldn’t cut ties with in my maintenance routine is my nail spa days. It has been one of my favorite places my entire life. I feel so relaxed calmed and at peace. I prepare days before going to Pinterest to find the color and shape that I want to try next just gets me excited. Below I give my me time tips and tricks.

  1. Making time I usually find the time to go to my nail shop during the week after work while the toddler is at school, It gives me a much-needed break before I’m back in the world of MOMMY
  2. I take my iPad I could be watching Netflix or Hulu, or even reading
  3. I don’t answer my phone, I think its rude to my nail tech as well as this place is the most peace and quite I get for the week.
  4. THE MASSAGE – You know I’m paying extra for more time, I haven’t gotten a good sleep since 2014.

For me my safe haven may be the nail shop for you it could be the gym, library or something more simple like a glass of wine when the little ones are sleep. Finding that thing or place that allows moms to break free and relax for even just a second is necessary. I’m guilty of letting myself go in many ways after having a child. Motherhood can be overwhelming and demanding don’t be afraid to award yourself every once in a while. Until next time.

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