5 Tips for Potty Training

Starting potty training is like riding a bike everything you try won’t work. Knowing when your little one is ready is key. Side note I buy his undies at TJMax and Marshalls because you get name brands at an affordable cost.

1. Make little one go when you go- this will build the routine of going potty.
2. Create a potty chart- With a potty chart you can visually see which times your little one typically needs to go potty.
3. Let them be nude- Our little one wear a t-shirt and no pull up and this helps him to know there’s no diaper or pull up to rely on.
4. Look for ques- when little one is quite or is about to grunt you know it’s potty time, as well as kai will hold or grab on to his pull up when potty time.
5. My all time favorite 15 min- to get Kai started we did 15 min in morning and 15 at night to get him familiar with the pot. This way he had no fear or wasn’t impatient and wanted to get off.

Although our toddler is not fully potty trained we are working with him everyday. Bonus tip find something they enjoy a book, toy or iPad and allow them to sit with the item while on the pot. As a parent potty training can be frustrating it will take time. We try not to shame or punish our little one for accidents because we want him to feel comfortable using potty and we are very proud that he will say boo-boo and pee pee.

How did you potty train your little one?

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