Two Big Tips for Parenting

Here we are my little one is almost two, let the water works begin. Being a mother for almost two years it’s only right I share my two BIGGEST tips. 

1. Patience- I use to always get fraustrated. In each phase of growth there are test. New born phase there’s sleepless nights and midnight feedings. Then there is teething, crawling and oh baby walking. All in all each phase each milestone is a blessing and won’t last forever so on the nights you feel overwhelmed take a breather and quickly remind yourself that it’s temporary.

2. You are never to old to learn- That’s exactly what parenting is to me learning. Learning your child’s needs and wants and the cues for each. Just building a routine with Kai helps to know exactly what he needs or what comes next in our day to day activities.  Yes I take advice from parenting books, elders and even friends. Anything that will benefit my growth as a parent I’m going to take in and appreciate. 

Most importantly have fun yes parenting is challenging but rewarding. They grow fast so never take for granted the little moments. That’s all for Tip Tuesday until next time. 

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