The Addiction

I’m guilty, I have been hiding a secret from my readers. The first step is admitting the problem. Clears throat: “Hi my name is TearuaL and I’m addicted to shopping for Kai clothes. I began to realize I had a problem once he began to outgrow things before even being able to wear them. Yes I budget, Yes I catch deals but a habit is still a habit good or bad.

When you go in the little girls section there are many options, but once you find the small boys section many of the items look cheap or just all the same. Dinosaurs, Dogs and Frogs. So I’m always very creative when it comes to styling Kai. Honestly his fashion choices and style I put more into than my own. I have a sense of guilt if I shop and don’t purchase at least one item for Kai.

The negative comments that I get from many people are why do I spend so much on children’s clothes. Here is the gag I look at his clothes as an investment, I plan to have more children who will be wearing hand me downs. I shop on a budget and coupon. The tips I use while shopping for Kai are simple.

  1. Countless times I go in Gap, or Carters and shop off season on the Clarence rack finding some deals as low as 99 cent.
  2. I take out cash while shopping, once I’m out of cash I wont swipe my card this keeps me in budget.
  3. I subscribe to every type of point and reward their is and  the benefits is getting the offers or percentage off on your purchase.
  4. Lastly I go to off retail department shops such as Ross, TJmax and Nordstrom Rack to get all of his shoes and discounted designer brands.

Will I seek help for my addiction probably not. I see it as people will spend their money as they see fit and no matter what clothes Kai wears only I would truly know the price so what may look $100+ may only be $10. This is my guilty pleasure I not giving up. What are your fashion tips for your little one. 



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