The Change

Where have I been? Whats going on? Well I have the answer…..Life. Things happen unexpectedly and being a mom, working full-time as well as being a student. I’m usually very organized and keep up with a strict schedule but between moving and traveling with friends I took a break to get back to TearuaL. The one thing I want to share with readers is about self-image and health.

Before my pregnancy I was in the gym at least three times a week, wasn’t really watching what I was eating or drinking but I was in the gym. I had gained weight due to birth control and recently decided to get off of birth control all together. I had lost my job and health insurance so that was another reason I got off of nexplanon. I had gained nearly 50lbs. So I honestly thought getting off I would get my old body back and be fine for summer 2015. WRONG! One month after getting off of birth control I was pregnant. Yes the doctors told us it would take 18months for my body to regulate and for us to conceive but I guess they were wrong.

I knew that my body would change but during the first trimester I dropped 30lbs. Funny enough I never had morning sickness. I would search the internet for pregnancy workouts, pregnant yoga was eating healthy. Up until late 7months  I didn’t even have much of a bump. I ended my pregnancy 10lbs lighter than I was while on birth control.

Immediately after the birth of my son I breast feed and dropped down to 127, I hadn’t been that small since highschool. Once he turned 10 months I decided to ween him off breast milk and get back on birth control. BIG MISTAKE. I gained weight and began to have more cravings than I had ever had during pregnancy.

So here we are now. I get compliments on my current size but I’m far from healthy. My excuse is usually blaming Mahkai or my busy schedule but now I’m determined to put my health first. Goal is no cheat days for 30 days. I don’t want to say I have a goal weight because my overall goal is a healthier lifestyle in every aspect. I’m not going to take the easy way out, I’m going to meal prep watch what I eat and most importantly workout even if it’s just a walk. The best thing about my healthy life journey will be me saving my coins, confession I spent over $500 this past month on fast food. So with excitement and an extra push here goes me challenging myself to be a better version of myself.

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