Grocery Shopping on a Budget

For the entire month of February MomTea will be focusing on money-saving tips for the everyday mom. From grocery store, and taxes all the way to personal saving habits.We are going to be saving the coins in 2017. First up is Grocery Shopping.

  1. Make a list- This helps me save time as well as stay organized.
  2. Bring Reusable Bags- This helps me not to over buy, most times if we have tons of bags food simply goes to waste
  3. Timing- Pick a shopping time when there wont be large crowds, avoiding crowds allows you to shop in peace and not rush
  4. Plan ahead- Planning meals ahead helps you to have all the ingredients ahead of time.
  5. Coupons/ Deals- Look for the savings and the deals, Our personal favorite is Kroger not only do we gain points towards gas but the app allows you to upload coupons right to your Kroger card.
  6. MOST IMPORTANT SET A BUDGET AND STICK TO IT- If it’s not in the budget put it back even if its your favorite cookie or pastry.

If you have any grocery tips please drop them below. Be sure to Share Tip Tuesday.


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