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Taking a toddler on a business trip can be a little stressful. I decided to let Kai tag along with me for a trip to Austin and what started as business led to adventure time at the Dinosaur park. Here’s my tips to traveling with the little ones while on business trips.

  1. Hire a nanny/babysitter I decided to take our babysitter on the getaway with us, she was able to provide care and entertainment while I attended the conference.
  2. Plan ahead- I planned for the road travel well ahead, stocking my car with water, snacks and a fully charged iPad loaded with Netflix, Hulu and games.
  3. Packing- The trip was short and even though we live in Texas I checked ahead for Austins forecast so that I was able to pack accordingly.
  4. Hotels- I requested to be in a corner room so that we wouldn’t have next door guest bothered by the noise that young children can make.
  5. Reward- Kai was so well-behaved that I decided to take him to the Dinosaur Park before hitting the road to return home. Lets say he was more than happy to see the giant Dinosaur replicas and he didn’t hold back in the gift shop.

By planning ahead the trip was a true success,I was able to be oraganize and get work done but also enjoy my down time with my little one.

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