Taking in the moment: Pregnancy 

One of my biggest regrets was not saving the little moments of pregnancy. Nine months seem so long but it quickly passes. So here are a few tips I wish I would have followed to document my journey.

1. Keep a pregnancy journal, that way your able to document every moment from the morning sickness all the way to the first kicks.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

2. Belly Cast- I hated not being able to see my toes once my belly grew, but ohh how I wish I made the cast to reflect back on that big round belly.

3. Photos- I mean really snap it up every stage is beautifully different

4.Join pregnancy apps- There’s helpful tips as well as a community of pregnant woman with similar experiences to bond with instead of blowing up your social media accounts with pregnancy updates.

5. Lastly if this is your first child SLEEP even if it’s not rest enjoy the moments of silence because soon the little  one will arrive and be running the show.


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