International Boss Mum- Lisa Jackman

Mommy of the month Lisa Jackman is the owner of a UK-based brand Harls&Ted. What started as just catchy quotes has grown into much more and will soon be expanding. The name for the brand was  inspired by her two beautiful children Harlie and Ted.

MomTea-What inspired the brand?

Lisa Jackman- I was constantly wearing my boyfriends now husbands oversized sweatshirt and thought it was time to get my own and the idea came from there.

MomTea- How do you craft the shirts?

Lisa Jackman- I make up each sweatshirt at home so a lot of time, effort and ;love really does go in to it.

MomTea- How do you balance your business and motherhood?

Lisa Jackman- That’s the one thing I have found hard the business side of it is easy part trying to find the time to build on it is the hardest…. Harlie and Teddy’s needs always come first they are still so young and need to still do everything for them so I find myself working til really late at night to fit in anything to do with the brand. However seeing the brand become so popular in such a short space of time makes all late nights worth it.

MomTea- Advice you would give to other moms who want to start a business?

Lisa Jackman- My drive was to be a positive role model in my children’s lives and if working my butt off meant they would one day grow up and say… I want to be like mummy ” then that would mean I had to succeeded in what I set out to do”.

What I find most inspiring about Lisa’s brand is that she just started in September 2016. Its one thing to have a vision another to make that vision come to life. Yes this brand is based in UK but can be delivered worldwide. Check out her site There is nothing better to see a mompernuer successfully building a brand and still being able to put motherhood first.


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