Hello 2017: I’m ready for you 

If you would have told me a year ago today that I would be a blogger, I probably would have laughed. I’m a procrastinator, who throws out really good ideas but never put those plans into action. Yes there are bloggers who I knew and I read their articles frequently. (Itsarockyworld) (keepingupwithchello) to name a few.  Amazing woman and very different focus points.

I knew if I was going to create my own blog that I wanted it to be something for a moms. I never really knew myself until becoming a mom. So then it all began in the middle of the night at 1am late July.I wrote about four articles then settled on “Young not so,young mom”. My blog was to be focused towards the young modern-day mom. The reaction and support I received was shocking. From family and friends to complete strangers. Other bloggers and business began to reach out to me and I won’t down play it feels good.

Then quickly I realized that momteabytearual was and could be so much more than a hobby to pass free time. The blog grew new ideas formed and a vision was created. So I’m walking into 2017 no longer the procrastinator but as a woman who’s serious about their love for motherhood and the art of blogging. So stay tune and enjoy my journey.

I almost forgot its time for a MomTea Giveaway to celebrate my six months of blogging giving away Bundles, Starbucks, Baby Clothes Diapers and much more must watch video for the details.




Published by TheRealMomTea

The mommy blogger who proves you don't have to choose between motherhood and career.

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