The Distance

Parenting rarely if ever goes as we plan. I was seven months pregnant when the journey began,parenting long distance. How can you parent while pregnant? Well we had to have plans for when the child arrived as well as updates with the constant doctors appointments.It was all about communication.


I started by always trying to involve my partner as much as possible. Rather it was choosing a name or something as simple as choosing a nursery theme. All major decisions were made together as one. There was a six hour time difference, we were in two different countries but we made it work.
Before the baby arrived I coped with the distance by taking parenting classes. I wasn’t just dealing with distance between my partner being away.My family also lives fourteen hours away.( I never moved back home after college).

I always treated things as if he was there, I’d make Father’s Day cards, birthday cards and cakes. Even with the miles of distance there was never a beat missed. I also kept myself busy. I found really close friends who were in similar situations that I was in and bonded with them.\The main goal for us was to keep our family as connected as possible. Knowing that the situation was temporary. It wasn’t easy a little over a year, there was FaceTime and Whatsapp. I have to give credit to our son keeping me busy and my family because even through the distance I talked daily with my grandmother and sister-in-law.

The meet up. The day of the arrival to the airport we decorated the house and arrived to the airport with a sign and balloons. Everyone was overjoyed. I was more excited for Kai to see his dad, so much had changed over the months. When we last where all together Kai couldnt crawl now he was walking. He went right to his father with no hesitation and has not  left his side since.

I believe because of our strong and constant communication, is why things fell into place . If your partner is in the military, prison or travels frequently I would encourage to keep the communication, and to remain positive because the situation is only temporary. That’s the tea of the week.

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