Bating for the bash

I know it is well over do for me to spill some tea. So many times I have logged on to social media to see “Baby Mama, Baby Daddy Drama” and after I get my good laugh I have to remember this isn’t Love and Hip Hop or any other reality TV show. This is someones life and a child’s parents. Before you continu


The first time I noticed how parents would use social media to put their child’s mother or father on blast was mothers day 2012. I remember a man going off about how horrible a mother his ex-wife was. There was more than enough comments. I had to think were these people commenting due to concern or were they just being nosey.

Baby Mama/Daddy bashing is nothing new. With modern technology that call to a relative to vent about your issues has now turned into people logging in to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and making a status, Meme or post to drag the person that they have a child with. Everyone needs someone to vent to but is social media the place?

When these parents log in and post are they aware of the damage that they are really causing. The first thought that runs across most followers minds when reading the typical baby mama/daddy post is, Well if that person is that bad how did you have a child with them. Second thought is how does this effect the child or children. Lastly after those twitter fingers are tired what was solved besides exposing all the family business for the world to judge, laugh or gossip about.

A suggestion of mine is to not say anything, and if you have to say it say it to the right people. One thing I learned from my grandmother (Mema) is that you don’t have to tell a child or the world about their parents short comings. If you tear apart a person’s character you won’t be any better than they are. Instead find person in your corner who will be there to listen and give advice because once you let people in its hard to get them out.

I’d love to hear others comments and view-points drop them below. Share!


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