Introducing SuaveHaus

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You know those moms that you see who seem so flawless. The moms who slay the PTA meeting, work and the gym. Well Patrice Hickson better known as SuaveHaus is that mom. She is a fashion stylist based in Nashville.She balancess being a mother to a beautiful energetic 6-year-old Layla, as well as a stylist who hold it down in corporate by day.
Whats even better is she’s my cousin. A lot of women lose their sense of fashion after becoming a mom. Could be to lack of energy or time restraints. I myself can admit to putting more effort into Kai’s wardrobe than my own. I reached out to Patrice recently and wanted the tea on how to be a fashionable mom on a budget with little time.

TearuaL:What tips would give to busy moms?
SuaveHaus: To Find timeĀ to cater to YOU!

TearuaL:As a stylist what inspires you?
SuaveHaus: Styling people and showcasing their personality through what they wear. Having them make a statement without using words.

TearuaL: What places do you shop?
SuaveHaus: Everywhere! But my favorites are boutiques, ASOS and forever 21

TearuaL: What tips do you have for moms?

SuaveHaus: Find time to cater to you

TearuaL: What inspired you to become a stylist?

SuaveHaus: My sorority sister, husband and best friends gave me the push. I had always been interested in fashion.

TearuaL: Whats your favorite fashion memory?

SuaveHaus: Walking into my college campus, student center on Wednesdays.

Through the breif convo with Patrice I learned that no matter the situation you have to make “ME” time. The best thing about fashion is there is no rules. You just have to find your own style rather that be Boho Chic or Glamorous.



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