Crystal Francis

Every week I want to shout out a special mom. The first mommy of the week feature goes to Crystalimage.jpeg Francis. A classmate who I met at Texas Southern University. Not only is she an extraordinary mom but she is also a wife and a military veteran. The way that Crystal keeps the balance is more than amazing. Her big heart and caring spirit carries over with her working with special needs children.
TearuaL: What do find most challenging about being a mom?
Crystal Francis: Feeling like I’m not doing enough in a world so driven by technology I have to make certain I put down the phone/tablet and get my kid off his so we can have real interaction every day.
TearuaL: Are there any benefits for being a veteran and a mom?
Crystal Francis: I’m definitely good with a schedule and thinking on my feet because the army instilled in me to always Charlie Mike or Continue Mission even when things don’t go as planned.
TearuaL:When working with special needs children what is one thing you have learned or taught that you use in your own parenting life?
Crystal Francis:Working with special needs children has taught me that no child is perfect and it has given me a multitude of patience when dealing with my own child. Helping my non verbal kids communicate their needs has helped me with my two year old showing him how to communicate his needs without whining or throwing a tantrum
TearuaL: Tips/Advice you would give to mommy with toddler children.
Crystal Francis:Don’t compare your child to others and celebrate their accomplishments. Don’t get embarrassed when your kid falls out or doesn’t listen it’s building character every time you tell them no and they do it anyway it shows determination and drive.
The greatest thing I learned from interviewing Crystal was that you learn how to deal with the adult world by viewing through the eyes of children. Thank you Crystal Francis.

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